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Delivery Service

Carefully Hand Delivered Flowers

At Louise’s Florist, we are more than happy to deliver any type of floral design within approx. 10 miles of our shop (subject to minimum order value).  Please note we do not deliver on bank holidays or during public holidays unless by specific arrangement. Orders placed on the internet during these times will not be processed until after the holiday. If in doubt please feel free to call us in advance.

Delivery Charges

Louise’s Florist are happy to deliver to the following postcodes;

From our Evesham Shop;

WR11 1*, WR11 2*, WR11 3*, WR11 4*, WR11 4D*, WR11 4T*, WR11 7X* – £5.00
WR11 4L*, WR11 4T* – £5.50
WR10 2Q*, WR10 3J*, WR10 3N*, WR11 7E*, WR11 7R*, WR11 8N*, WR11 8Q* – £6.00
WR10 3H*, WR10 3N*, WR11 7F*, WR11 7U*, WR11 8B*, WR11 8Q*, WR11 8S*, WR11 8T*, WR11 8U*, WR12 7H* – £6.50

WR10 1A*, WR10 2D*, WR10 2J*, WR10 2N*, WR10 3J*, WR11 2Q*, WR11 7G*, WR11 7H*, WR11 7R*, WR11 7S*, WR11 8H*,WR12 7D*,WR12 7H*,WR12 7J*,WR12 7P* – £7.00
B50 4A*, WR10 2L*, WR10 3E*, WR11 4L*, WR11 4S*, WR11 4U*, WR11 7S*, WR11 7T* – £7.50
B50 4H*, GL55 6Q*, WR10 3D*, WR10 3H* – £8.00
B49 5A*, GL20 7A*, GL20 7P*, GL55 6A*, GL55 6P*, WR10 2A*, WR10 2E*, WR12 7L*, WR12 7N*, WR7 4L* – £8.50
GL20 7E*, GL20 7H*, GL20 7J*, WR10 2J*, WR10 3B*, WR12 7N* – £9.00
WR7 4F*, WR7 4P* – £10.00
CV37 8X*, GL52 7R*, WR7 4E* – £12.00

From our Worcester Shop;

WR1, WR2, WR3, WR4, WR5 – £6.00
WR6, WR7, WR8, WR9, WR10, WR14 – £9.00
WR13 – £10.00

Outside of these areas you are welcome to place your order for collection.

Need to discuss your requirements?